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Waxing Services

Clean and Gentle Waxing Services
Brow Design & Wax $15                      
Lip/Brow Combo $20
Brow with Tint Combo $20
Lip/Brow/Chin $25                
Lip $10
Chin $12                               
Sides of Face $15
Full Face $35                       
Underarms $20
Full Arm $50                          
Half Arm $30

Full Leg $80 

Half Leg $40

Back Wax $45  

Back with Shoulders $55

Chest Wax $35-$45

Bikini $25                              

Extended Bikini $35

Brazilian $55                          

Ear Wax $10

Lash Tint $20

Brow Tint $10

When it comes to hair removal, my goal is to provide the safest and best waxing experience possible. Every waxing service starts with a consultation to make sure that waxing will be safe for your skin. Some people are more sensitive than others, however there are contraindications that apply to any skin type. Most commonly, these are prescription medications, acne medications and certain medical conditions.

Please allow at least 10-14 days for hair-growth before waxing for best results. 

I use a high-quality Belgium pine resin wax that is superior for gentle and effective hair removal. Skin is properly prepped for least amount of post-irritation. 

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